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Theresa May attends Gay Conservatives event

Theresa May MP: Guest of Honour

Theresa May MP, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment and Transport, has attended the Gay Conservatives Annual Gala Dinner as Guest of Honour. The prestigous event, held at the Royal Air Force Club, Mayfair, was hailed as 'a great success' by Jonathan Fraser-Howells who organised the event.

James Davenport, Chairman of Gay Conservatives, said: 'Coming so soon after being granted affiliation, this confirms our position right at the heart of the Conservative Party.

'Conservatives want a fair deal for the gay community. Theresa's decision to attend this year's gala dinner shows that the Party represents all parts of British society, in all its diversity.'

Key Quote
Get government off peoples' backs
Rt Hon Theresa May MP

James Davenport welcomed Theresa May to the event, and thanked her for her instrumental role in securing affiliation to the Party. To applause, he said, 'I would like to thank you publicly, Theresa, for playing such a significant role in securing our affiliation to the Conservative Party.'

Theresa May told guests at the event that the Conservatives were about 'getting government off peoples' backs', one reason why gay voters should support the party.

Guests gave an enthusiastic response to Theresa May's speech, which focused on the Conservative case for freedom. The Shadow Secretary of State also commented on Labour's failure to deliver for the gay community and the wider public.

James Davenport took the opportunity of the event to discuss Labour's handling of key issues facing the gay community, and how the Conservatives could do better than the government in tackling them. Covering a wide range of issues, he sought support for people living with HIV who have been failed by Labour's health reforms, victims of spiralling hate crime, and those who want their relationship recognised through a civil partnership.